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The Book

Practical Coral Farming

Expanded Second Edition

by Miguel Tolosa

Paperback, 135 pages


The complete insider's guide to the coral farming industry is now available in an expanded second edition. From finding suppliers to the very latest coral growth tips and tricks, learn the tactics and closely guarded secrets that make selling corals successful in systems of all sizes. There is something for everyone, from hobbyists to retail stores, and no stone is left unturned: inside is all you need to know about farming corals. Included are in-depth sections for building your own LED fixture of any size, money-saving alternatives to expensive products, photography, selling and shipping your corals, identifying and treating pests and illnesses, building a propagation system and much more!



"There are jokes mixed in, and it reads more like a conversation than a serious text about serious coral. I think that is great, because this is a hobby after all, and you don't want to read a book that feels like work." -Nano Reef 
"Tips like that one, found in Practical Coral Farming, are helpful for aquarium hobbyists of all shapes and sizes, including the would-be coral farmer." - Saltwater Aquarium
"We had to force ourselves to put the book down at certain times because we would have probably not stopped."
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