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Fragging Videos

Watch this video to learn how to easily frag and glue down a JF Jack o' Lantern Leptoseris Coral without using a bandsaw, along with tips on placement and healing.

Instructions and recipe here. This is probably the easiest way to kill Acropora eating Red Bugs, or Tegastes acroporanus, if you can get the corals out of the tank.

A lot of people want to frag their LPS but don't have a $300+ bandsaw, but with a little prep you can do it for next to nothing! Watch this video on how to do it!

 More pictures can be found on Reefcentral.

Easy how-to video on fragging a Bali Blood Red Anemone, aka a Red Maxi Mini Carpet Anemone. Includes tips on what to do after fragging to keep the anemone healthy and healing quickly.

This is one of our favorite new Montipora that we got from Steve Tyree at his coral farmers market a few years back. It's really colorful and a pretty fast grower if you're dosing kalk in your ATO, ours loves LED's and does well at pretty much any tank level but seems to prefer moderate lighting.